Erik Bryn - Ember.js consulting

Hi, I'm Erik.

@ebryn on Twitter and GitHub

Available for Ember.js Training and Consulting

Producing high quality Ember screencasts at Embercasts

Organizer of the Silicon Valley Ember.js meetup



Title Location(s)
CSS is hard EmberConf 2015 (3/4/2015)
Ember 1.10 and beyond [Video] Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup 5/21/2014
Intro to Ember.js ColdFrontConf (9/4/2014)
Keynote [Video] EmberFest (8/28-8/29/2014)
Ember: today and tomorrow Wicked Good Ember (6/17/2014)
Yesterday's technology tomorrow Manhattan.js Meetup 5/21/2014
Prototyping an Ember.js app in 20 minutes [Video] SFJS Meetup 4/22/2014
HTMLBars: The Next-Generation of Templating in Ember.js [Video] EmberConf 2014 (3/25/2014)
Intro to Ember.js [Video] LinkedIn 3/20/2014
HTMLBars [Video] Ember.js NYC Meetup 2/27/2014
San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 1/21/2014
Chicago Ember.js Meetup 1/8/2014
The past, present, and future of web apps [Video] Milwaukee JS Meetup 7/23/2013
QCon New York 6/14/2013
Backburner.js and the Ember Run Loop [Video] Chicago Ember.js Meetup 5/30/2013
Southern California Ember.js Meetup 5/21/2013
Introducing Ember.ListView [Video] & Ember.js NYC Meetup 4/25/2013
ember-testing: integration testing made easy [Video]
Introducing Ember.ListView [Video] & Ember.js Seattle Meetup 4/24/2013
ember-testing: integration testing made easy [Video]
Introducing Ember.ListView Chicago Ember.js Meetup 4/10/2013
Ember.js: Rise of the Clients [Video] Ember.js Seattle Meetup 3/27/2013
Introducing Ember.ListView
Getting started with Ember Chicago Ember.js Meetup 2/28/2013
San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 2/5/2013
Ember Recipes Ember.js NYC Meetup 10/25/2012
Using SVG with Ember Ember.js NYC Meetup 7/17/2012
Ember.js at Square Ember.js NYC Meetup 6/14/2012
Introduction to Ember San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 3/27/2012