Erik Bryn - Ember.js consulting

Hi, I'm Erik.

@ebryn on Twitter and GitHub

Ember.js core team emeritus

Steering the ship @ Prototypal


Past Talks

Title Location(s)
Title TBD EmberCamp London 2016
Taming CSS in Ember.js apps Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup 5/18/2016
SF Ember.js Meetup 5/17/2016
Ember 2.0 [Video] Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup 4/30/2015
Iterating towards Ember [Video] San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 4/15/2015
CSS is hard [Video] EmberConf 2015 (3/4/2015)
Ember 1.10 and beyond [Video] Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup 1/28/2015
Intro to Ember.js ColdFrontConf (9/4/2014)
Keynote [Video] EmberFest (8/28-8/29/2014)
Ember: today and tomorrow Wicked Good Ember (6/17/2014)
Yesterday's technology tomorrow Manhattan.js Meetup 5/21/2014
Prototyping an Ember.js app in 20 minutes [Video] SFJS Meetup 4/22/2014
HTMLBars: The Next-Generation of Templating in Ember.js [Video] EmberConf 2014 (3/25/2014)
Intro to Ember.js [Video] LinkedIn 3/20/2014
HTMLBars [Video] Ember.js NYC Meetup 2/27/2014
San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 1/21/2014
Chicago Ember.js Meetup 1/8/2014
The past, present, and future of web apps [Video] Milwaukee JS Meetup 7/23/2013
QCon New York 6/14/2013
Backburner.js and the Ember Run Loop [Video] Chicago Ember.js Meetup 5/30/2013
Southern California Ember.js Meetup 5/21/2013
Introducing Ember.ListView [Video] & Ember.js NYC Meetup 4/25/2013
ember-testing: integration testing made easy [Video]
Introducing Ember.ListView [Video] & Ember.js Seattle Meetup 4/24/2013
ember-testing: integration testing made easy [Video]
Introducing Ember.ListView Chicago Ember.js Meetup 4/10/2013
Ember.js: Rise of the Clients [Video] Ember.js Seattle Meetup 3/27/2013
Introducing Ember.ListView
Getting started with Ember Chicago Ember.js Meetup 2/28/2013
San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 2/5/2013
Ember Recipes Ember.js NYC Meetup 10/25/2012
Using SVG with Ember Ember.js NYC Meetup 7/17/2012
Ember.js at Square Ember.js NYC Meetup 6/14/2012
Introduction to Ember San Francisco Ember.js Meetup 3/27/2012